I have been learning German with Ms. Radovanac for more than a year and I have to admit that it is the best German course I have ever had in my life (I studied German at the Goethe Institute in Russia before).

Ms. Radovanac is a native speaker and I think that this is very important for learning a foreign language. She is highly organised, diligent, and motivated and made each lesson a true journey into the language.

I have to admit that I hesitated whether or not Skype classes are a good thing for me. However, after the trial lesson, I realised the benefits of this type of learning of any foreign language. Firstly, a Skype lesson is a one-to-one lesson which means that the teacher always focuses on you. Needless to say, private classes are very expensive at any language school. Skype lessons provide an affordable alternative to them. Secondly, they give you freedom and flexibility. Not on one occasion, did I have my lessons at home in my favourite chair! I have always been impressed by Ms. Radovanac’s ability to adjust the lesson into my needs: add more grammar if I feel for it, watch a Ted-talk if I am a bit tired of German grammar. 🙂 She successfully and usefully combines the conventional ways of learning language (having a course book) and the innovative approaches to teaching (online exercises, real TV and radio programs etc). Such teaching technics help me to memorise materials much quicker and stay interested in learning German. Last but not least, I would like to emphasise Ms. Radovanac’s personal involvement in the process of teaching. She is always cheerful, kind, and provides a lot of inspiration for me. She clearly understands my learning needs and made me look forward to the next lesson.