I have started learning German since I have arrived in Germany. First, I have chosen the “Volkshochschule” (don`t know how to translate it). But there I have noticed sometimes I haven`t spoken at all during the 1.5 hour lesson. For this reason, together with a friend`s recommendation, I have chosen to learn with Mrs. Sonja Radovanac.

The course material is a standard and modern one and easy to purchase. The classes have an one hour duration and modern themes are discussed, supported by online exercises.

The most positive aspect was the fact I have one hour only for me, focused on my leaning. It is really comfortable to learn per Skype. I can attend the class at home or wherever I am.

Due to a great empathy right on the beginning, I studied more than a year with Mrs. Sonja Radovanac. She can make the learning easier and pleasant!